A 10-minute play festival would’ve been easier

A few weeks after I sent my ideas to the Knight Foundation Arts Challenge, I got a call from someone with the foundation. Which of the ideas that I submitted did I like better, the 10-minute play festival or a snowblower ballet?

My immediate thoughts were the 10-minute play festival would be easier. I’ve written 10-minute plays. I knew we could attract interesting submissions from playwrights of all types. Ten-minute plays typically feature small casts and minimal staging. Even if we couldn’t get permission to stage the plays on Green Line light rail platforms in the 10-minute wait between trains as I proposed, we could stage them in a venue like a bar.

A snowblower ballet, though, needs a sizeable outdoor venue, snowblowers, dancers, music, a sound system. It needs snow, which can never be guaranteed.  It would be more expensive and harder to pull off. But my gut told me it would be a really fun and different event, one that could have a bigger impact. So that’s part of the reason why we’re here.


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