The St. Paul Ballet, or where the dancers are going to come from

The vision for the Snowblower Ballet project includes using volunteer performers from the community, people who know how to shovel snow or run a snowblower, but maybe never saw themselves as dancers.

But we knew we wanted pros to choreograph and perform as well. That’s why we’re really happy to have St. Paul Ballet as an artistic partner. They’re a professional dance company and school that carries on the tradition of classical ballet but also has experience presenting art in non-traditional settings.

St. Paul Ballet used to have a studio above a hardware store on Grand Avenue. Now they’re housed in a former printing plant owned by a church that also is space for a boxing gym. The nonprofit is also up for a Knight Foundation Arts Challenge grant of its own to present a program that combines ballet with boxing.

I saw a bit of what they do while writing a Pioneer Press story and doing a video about the long history of dance at the Grand Avenue studio.



Our hope for the Snowblower Ballet is to produce something fun and even funny for the city of St. Paul. But we also want to create something of real art and beauty as well.


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