When lawnmowers fly (and a singing dog)

What does a video I made last year of some guys in Hugo hurling running lawnmowers with a trebuchet have to do with a snowblower ballet?

Nothing, except somehow I wish I could find a way to get these guys involved in our performance. Plus trebuchet rhymes with ballet. But I doubt that hurling a snowblower with a siege engine would help us get a sponsorship from Toro. Maybe we’d click if we threw an Ariens.

Speaking of sponsors, we’re still looking for an angelic corporate sponsor or individual donations to make this thing happen next winter. Just click on the GiveMN button on our home page. Or give me a call at 651-336-6975 if you know of a company that would like to be involved as in, “The St. Paul Snowblower Ballet presented by _____.”

Also, I realize that an operatic dog has nothing to do with a snowblower ballet either. I just think it’s awesome.

Finally, the students from our artistic partner, the St. Paul Ballet, are performing this weekend at Macalester College at the ballet’s spring showcase. Check it out if you have a chance.

Thanks for reading!


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