You must believe in spring

“Beneath the deepest snows

The secret of a rose

Is merely that it knows

You must believe in spring.”


Alan and Marilyn Bergman wrote these lyrics to a great Michel Legrand song about having faith in the passage of time, of better days ahead.

So we hope something good will eventually come of our project, the St. Paul Snowblower Ballet.

But — and alas there is always a but — the St. Paul Snowblower Ballet will not be happening this winter.

Because we were unable to raise the money to make the required match for the Knight Foundation Arts Challenge grant, we’ve had to put the project on hold.

Our efforts, which ranged from seeking arts grants to crowd funding to buying lottery tickets, were not crowned with the success that we hoped for.

At this point, you may be about to suggest that we ask Toro to sponsor the project. Yeah, we tried that.

So right now we’re regrouping and evaluating what else we might try to raise the necessary funds for a possible attempt next winter.

If we go ahead, we’ll need a clear, realistic path to a sponsorship before we can spend any more money and time on the project.

The vision for the project might have to change. We might need to find a different venue, possibly outside of the city of St. Paul.

Someone once asked me — I think it was in a grant application — what my definition of success would be. My real answer was that the first goal was that nobody gets hurt.

In our efforts to raise money and create a proof-of-concept performance, we took some financial hits, but no one was injured by a snowblower. So I have that to be thankful for.

I’m also thankful for all of the help and faith of our artistic partners, the St. Paul Ballet and the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to come through for them on this project.

But these two great organizations have other wonderful performances scheduled in the new year that I urge you all to attend.

Meanwhile, please contact me if you would be interested in buying a used snowblower or two.




The first snow of the year makes us feel like dancing!


But how much exciting would it be if we added ballet dancers? Or an orchestra?

We need your help to make that happen with the Kickstarter campaign for the St. Paul Snowblower Ballet:

Click and donate! Thanks!



We need you!


Photo by Molly Weibel and 1,000 Words Photography

We’ve got the dancers. We’ve got the musicians. And we’re pretty sure we’re going to have the snow.

But we still need to raise money to get our Knight Foundation Arts Challenge Grant to make a first-ever snowblower ballet happen. You can help by contributing to our new Kickstarter campaign. 

St. Paul, alas, won’t be seeing an ice palace this winter. But this. At least we can have this.  It won’t cost millions.

Winter is coming. Consider giving.

When lawnmowers fly (and a singing dog)

What does a video I made last year of some guys in Hugo hurling running lawnmowers with a trebuchet have to do with a snowblower ballet?

Nothing, except somehow I wish I could find a way to get these guys involved in our performance. Plus trebuchet rhymes with ballet. But I doubt that hurling a snowblower with a siege engine would help us get a sponsorship from Toro. Maybe we’d click if we threw an Ariens.

Speaking of sponsors, we’re still looking for an angelic corporate sponsor or individual donations to make this thing happen next winter. Just click on the GiveMN button on our home page. Or give me a call at 651-336-6975 if you know of a company that would like to be involved as in, “The St. Paul Snowblower Ballet presented by _____.”

Also, I realize that an operatic dog has nothing to do with a snowblower ballet either. I just think it’s awesome.

Finally, the students from our artistic partner, the St. Paul Ballet, are performing this weekend at Macalester College at the ballet’s spring showcase. Check it out if you have a chance.

Thanks for reading!

St. Paul Ballet has a knockout show

Saw a preview sample of St. Paul Ballet’s “The Art of Boxing. The Sport of Ballet.” performance at Lake Como Saturday evening. The full Knight Arts Challenge-funded show combining boxers and ballet dancers coming up on June 17 in St. Paul by our artistic partner the St. Paul Ballet and  Zoé Emilie Henrot should pack a real artistic punch. Be sure to catch it.

And if you want something to do on Mother’s Day, catch our other artistic partner, the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, at 4 p.m. at the Roseville Lutheran Church, 1215 Roselawn Ave. West. They’ll be presenting a free performance of  Benjamin Britten’s  Russian Funeral (1936) for Brass & Percussion and Dmitri Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 4 in C minor, op. 43. Rush over to see this Russian-themed program.

Free outdoor ballet!


We’re looking forward to a free evening of dance this Saturday, May 13, 7 p.m., at Como Dockside in St. Paul presented by our artistic partner and fellow Knight Arts Challenge winner, St. Paul Ballet.

The performance will feature a sneak peak of St. Paul Ballet’s unique, Knight Foundation-funded show called “The Art of Boxing. The Sport of Ballet,” which will have its full performance June 17 at the High School for the Recording Arts, 1166 University Ave. W. in St. Paul.

The boxing/ballet show is the result of a partnership between the St. Paul Ballet and its neighbor in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood, Element Boxing & Fitness, featuring professionals from both the dance stage and the boxing ring exploring the discipline, athleticism and art in both worlds.

A boxing/ballet mashup? We’re expecting something creative, surprising, dynamic and beautiful. Like what you might get if you combined ballet and snow removal.

We got an MRAC grant!

The Metropolitan Regional Arts Council just announced that we’re a recipient of a $5,000 FY2017 Community Arts grant. It’s a great start to helping to match the $34,000 Knight Foundation Arts Challenge grant that will make the St. Paul Snowblower Ballet happen January 2018. But we still need your help. If you’re interested in donating to the project, click on the GiveMN logo on our home page. Or email us at if you’re a company interested in a unique sponsorship opportunity of a free, fun, family-friendly dance event.

The video gives you a taste of what we’re talking about doing, only bigger: