In the News

  • The Star Tribune announces the winners of the Knight Arts Challenge! And guess which project is mentioned at the top.  Click HERE  to read more.
  • “If the Super Bowl doesn’t put the Twin Cities on the map, a snowblower ballet will at a fraction of the cost,” according to the MPR Newscut blog.
  • The St. Paul Pioneer Press announcement of the Knight Arts Challenge winners includes the Snowblower Ballet and another project that our partners, St. Paul Ballet, is doing combining ballet with boxing.
  • The MinnPost Artscape column also leads with the Snowblower Ballet in its story about the Knight grants.
  • This is how Minnesota Playlist describes the Knight announcements: “The Knight Foundation has come out with its list of finalists for the third Knight Arts Challenge. Snowblower ballet? Why not!”
  • And the original Arts Challenge announcement from the Knight Foundation.